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Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Stew can save you a lot. Once you know how to make a good stew you can eat many things with your stew including bread. I love stew and bread. I grew up in Nigeria and I know Nigerian stew made with beef, chicken, lamb, or fish or for more exotic taste a combination of all can be very tasty and satisfying. Nigerian stew also acts as a base for many of our popular dishes e.g Jollof rice, stewed beans, yam pottage, beans and rice, pasta etc.


  • Chicken pieces x 10

  • Medium tomatoes x 5

  • Medium onions x 3

  • Bell Pepper x 2

  • Scotch Bonnet (ata rodo) x 4

  • Rosemary 5gm

  • Tumeric 10gm

  • Dry grounded Garlic 20gm

  • Vegetable Oil 200gm


  1. Put the Chicken in a pot

  2. Add grated I inch ginger, 2 cloves minced garlic, chopped onions, 1 tsp curry, ½ tsp thyme, salt and vegetable seasoning.

  3. Cook chicken on low heat for about 15 mins with half a glass cup of water.

  4. Separate the chicken stock from chicken and fry the chicken.

  5. Sieve the chicken stock and set aside

  6. Blend the tomatoes, 2 onions, Bell Pepper, scotch bonnet together

  7. Sieve the blended tomatoes/pepper mix

  8. Put some vegetable oil in a pot, when hot add chopped onions and allow it to fry for 2mins.

  9. Add the blended pepper mix, add some curry, turmeric, rosemary , thyme vegetable seasoning and fry for about 10mins

  10. Add the chicken stock, and fried chicken

  11. Allow to steam for 5mins and your stew is ready.

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