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My name is Edizemi Onilenla a mother, social worker, and an artisan food producer responsible for the taste of Mama Shee’s products. I am an African Irish originally from Nigeria based in Dublin. I have lived in Ireland over 18 years and my children have all settled very well into the Irish culture. I call myself the new addition to the Irish Food Industry; I am truly passionate about bringing the rich tastes of Nigerian cuisine to Ireland.

There are many other Countries whose foods and spices are readily available in the stores but nothing to represent Africans on the shelves, I therefore took this up as a challenge also I enjoy cooking and I have taste for good food and presentation matters a lot to me. Having lived in Ireland over 18 years I have been able to blend Nigerian tastes with Irish cooking styles, and this combo gives you something extraordinary.


The products are unique, they can be addictive and of course very tasty. Check out our vegetarian options on the menu and see that we care and cater for all.

I hope to grow and bring employment to Ireland and to expand the business to all parts of the Country and Europe.

I am very passionate and forward thinking person, I embrace and face all challenges and celebrate victories as they come my way with such joy and love.

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I am originally from Nigeria, I relocated to Ireland 18 years ago. I have worked in many different settings in the area of healthcare and later upskilled to becoming a professionally qualified social worker. My journey in a foreign land was not without its challenges but I survived it all against all odds. Along my journey I met wonderful people across Ireland who have either become friends or my admirers.

My greatest joy is to bring the exotic taste of Nigeria to the Irish food industry and I am achieving this gradually by bringing our most popular dishes such as Jollof Rice, Plantain, Suya, to the market. Check Mama Shee brand when you go to your local Supervalu stores.


"The party at Merrion Square is at Mama Shee. Nigerian-born Edizemi Onilenla (whom most call “Emi,” pronounced “Amy”) learned cooking from her mother. At her stall, you find whatever Emi, or Shee, as her husband calls her, dishing up whatever her passion that day dictates."

Food & Wine Ireland

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